Royal Wire Products was founded in 1953. The company specializes in making air pollution control devices and is one of the leading manufacturers in the United States of these wire frame supports. We hold several patents, and have a standard line of pollution equipment. Key clients are OEM, the manufacturers who service the cement processors, asphalt, grain plants and also the industries who make pollution control equipment for the utilities.

Products are made with 14 gauge to 3/8" basic steel, stainless steel, galvanized, Inconel (a good grade of stainless) and Monel (the best grade of stainless). Finishes of color coated epoxy, vinyl coatings and zinc plated finishes are available.

Royal Wire Company Profile
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Royal Wire Products Inc.

Royal Wire has three plants to serve you, Ohio, North Carolina, and Nevada. All are complete in "know-how" from years of industry experience, and have the latest equipment for manufacturing and inspection. We developed the machinery we use to make our products. We then went on to become one of the largest manufacturers in the country.

Our standard is Quality.. ..designed, made, and tested in the USA. There are imitations of our products, but Royal Wire is the best.

Royal Wire now offers a wide range of horse equipment including stall gates, bridle hooks, harness hooks, rolling baskets for grooming supplies, rolling saddle racks, muck bucket dollies, stall gates and more.

Royal wire has two additional product lines: custom wire products - including air conditioner guards, decorative flower pots, baskets, display racks, even bicycle baskets - and equine products.

The equine equipment line was started by William F. Peshina, in 1978. Seeing his daughter struggle to carry her saddles, he began inventing solutions. Since the company was already in the wire business, the material and the machines were already in place to make quality wire products designed for horsemen.