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World Wide Leader  |  Family Owned  |  Made in the USA

Royal Wire Products, Inc. was founded in 1953, by William J. Peshina in Cleveland, Ohio.  Our company is the world-wide leader in manufacturing air pollution control devices, called filter bag cages. We hold several patents and have a standard line of air pollution equipment.  Key clients are OEM, manufacturers who service cement processors, asphalt, and grain plants, as well as the industries who make air pollution control equipment for public utility companies.


Royal Wire Products, Inc. has two additional product lines. Our custom designed wire forms cover a wide array of wire items including wire baskets, shelving, grills and fan guards.  Our Equine Products line is comprised of portable but durable items developed especially for the horse industry.

The Custom Wire Form line was created to help our customers meet their specific wire needs.  Wire forming was an important and easy addition to our bag cage filter business portfolio.  It is incredible to see the advancements in wire forming since we started over 65 years ago.  As technology changes, so do our techniques and machines.  Our in-house design real is able to stay ahead of trends bringing our customers the best and latest in the industry.

Our Equine Product line was started by William F. Peshina, in 1978, after seeing his daughter struggle to carry her saddles and horse equipment to horse events.  He designed and developed practical, durable wire storage and organizational solutions made especially for horseman.  Royal Wire Equine portable systems have become the standard of excellence and function in the horse industry.  Items include saddle racks, bridle racks, blanket racks, rolling dollies, hanging baskets and folding shelves. 

Royal Wire Products, Inc. has three production facilities located in Cleveland, Ohio, Charlotte, North Carolina and Las Vegas, Nevada.  All three plants have the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.

Royal Wire Products, Inc.'s company  standards are Quality, Design and Made In the USA. There are inferior imitations of our products, but Royal Wire Products, Inc. is definitely the best.

Thank you for your interest in our company and our products. Our in-house design team is always ready to assist you in the development and fabrication of any custom wire prototypes to meet your specific needs.  At all times, our primary goal is to supply you, our customer, with the right price, excellent quality and timely delivery.

Let Royal Wire Products, Inc. provide the solutions you need for your next company project.

Family Owned
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